CommneX is the central digital marketplace for the German Public Finance Market, namely municipal loans and deposits, offering an easy, digital EU-wide tender channel to financial institutions.

Municipalities and municipal enterprises can define their financial needs with a few clicks, ease, intuitively and fully cost-free. Financial Institutions can see these tenders and submit offers, exchange and negotiate the respective financing. Sourcing credit offers from a superregional diversity of financial institutions creates an efficient market access for the public financial administration with an easy and digital way to receive comparable and transparent offers. ,Furthermore, CommneX grants all financial institutions access to the plus €300 bn. market which is yet encumbered by few established banks.

By establishing itself as the central digital marketplace, CommneX digitalizes the current market and manual process and makes it simpler, faster, cost efficient and transparent. CommneX generates returns by charging the creditor side a success-based commission fee, i.e. keeping CommneX absolutely cost-free for the public financial administration.