At Remipay we help companies to experience how simple and economical payment processes can be! The biggest pain why projects with Fintechs and the use of their state-of-the-art solutions fail is the complex integration into bank / company IT and manual work in business processes. We offer an easy technical integration (30 seconds - to connect to any ERP, SAAS & Legacy system) and simply remove the pain of the connection. We are efficient - reduction of costs (up to 98%), time expenditure and manual processes are possible. With Remipay the customer can make payments worldwide easily, quickly and securely.

The Remipay ecosystem with its Core Payment Platform already offers various features like Open Banking API robot integration, eWallet and mWallet, bulk payments, multi-currency accounts, business accounts with IBAN number, instant payment, credit and debit cards, secure 2-factor authentication, eCommerce shop plugins, detailed reporting and much more.

In addition, we can connect all third-party providers in the shortest possible time, from Datev to accounting to liquidity planning and much more. Voted as best Fintech Startup in 2018 in Germany at the Fintech Days in Stuttgart. Winner of the Fintech Meetup in Frankfurt, accepted member of the Money 20/20 Startup Academy and pitch participant in Las Vegas and participant at the Startupnights in Berlin at the NextNext category.