Flexvelop is the future of leasing.
As the the first technology based leasing company, Flexvelop has digitalized leasing as a financial instrument in general. Thereby Flexvelop is able to help b2b customers to grow more easily by funding their business critical equipment in the easiest, fairest, and most efficient way.
Each new leasing contract automatically flows through our fully digitalized business model. This elegant process facilitates Flexvelop to change the game of the a giant but totally outdated leasing market in Europe and beyond.
Since "Rent is Trend", more and more businesses appreciate the benefits of renting or leasing their equipment, rather than buying in upfront. Today, even the smallest businesses request leasing solutions for their equipment. However, most of them are being denied by the traditional leasing companies, since it is just not profitable for them, to fund smaller equipment, too. Their operational expenses are just too high.
Based on our cutting edge technology, we can help business of any size. Therefore it is smart for us to strategically start in rather untapped market niches, before we disrupt the traditional players big time. However, that day will come.
Get ready! Grow smart and Flex it!