All inclusive

sum.cumo stands for successful, integrated digitization of traditional business models. Our locations in Hamburg, Dusseldorf and Zurich offer companies in the lottery and insurance industry disruptive innovations and customer-centric solutions based on the latest technologies. Accompanied by our specialists from consulting, user experience, front- and backend development as well as marketing, successful projects are created from the idea to the implementation.

A continuously changing user behavior and increasing expectations of today's end consumers pose great challenges for companies. The knowledge necessary for optimal adaptation and often only rudimentarily available, as well as a multitude of technical solutions can quickly overtax any organization. Whoever wants to adapt technologically to an agile, future-oriented world, wants to focus on his own customer and at the same time has lower operating costs and a high degree of innovation in mind, must be prepared for high investment costs and the complex orchestration of various service providers. Many companies can fail in such a complex task.

Not so with sum.cumo - for the implementation and operation of digital business models in the lottery and insurance industry we put together agile, cross-functional teams. These teams work as closely with the customer as if they were part of the customer's workforce. Our teams not only consist of specialists in the necessary technical disciplines, they also have in-depth knowledge of the industry in which the project operates. Our own software, based on open source, reduces financial barriers to entry and ensures a very attractive time-to-market.

The results of our diverse projects prove this: Innovation in the field of digital business models can be implemented quickly, within budget and successfully. Oh yes: Of course we also have fun working together.