Christian Richter

Christian Richter is co-founder of YUKKA Lab and responsible for the technology development and innovation strategy. Prior to YUKKA Lab, Christian spent more than 10 years in the IT industry, pursuing a variety of research and development as well as industrial software engineering roles. Starting his career in Palo Alto at Robert Bosch Group’s Research and Technology Centre, he already developed Big Data processing systems to bring next generation car infotainment into reach. He then joined IBM to launch one of the first globally hosted software-as-a-service solution for workforce management, followed by managing products that draw on latest research within the areas of robotics, data analytics, machine learning and industry 4.0 at CSIRO in Australia. Now at YUKKA Lab, he pursues the vision to provide the financial industry with a systematic overview of market moving topics and to capture the mood with precisely quantified sentiments to deliver early indicators and trend signals based on their Augmented Language Intelligence technology.