Hayden Huang

Sales Director
Tencent Cloud
Mr. Huang, as a veteran in IT industry, joined IBM since 2007 in China where he led a sales and solution team to engage with China Grid which is large enterprise in the top10 list of G500. This project help China Grid transform from traditional IT into cloud IT across 26 provinces of China. After 8 years significant business development in IBM, Mr. joined Huawei to lead cloud transformation project of top accounts in western Europe since 2015. He worked with the top telecom carriers in Germany, France and Spain to build open telecom cloud strategy and implement it as well. 4 years later, Mr. Huang joined Tencent to lead team for Germany, CEE and CIS region business development. Mr. Huang has comprehensive experience on the industries of energy & utility, automobile, telecom, retail, finance and media & entertainment in line with his extensive engagement with a lot of customers in Europe and China.