Wolfgang Berner


Wolfgang is a serial entrepreneur and a very experienced technology and product leader who has developed and launched numerous products with cutting-edge technology in the financial industry. Before co-founding hawk:AI, he co-started PAY.ON, a global white-label payment gateway, where he filled various key roles ending up as a senior vice president of product, leading the product and development teams in creating a successful product and being the key person in the company's acquisition by ACI Worldwide. At ACI Worldwide, Wolfgang lead ACI’s global Fraud and E-commerce product suite, including it’s P&L. Experiences at PAY.ON, and later on at ACI, sparked the interest and passion for fighting financial crime and being a part of revolutionizing the way money laundering is fought in the financial industry. As a tech enthusiast, the only logical solution was turning to Artificial Intelligence and combining it with more than a decade long experience in building and running a highly scalable, secure and resilient payments platform, which is why hawk:AI was created. At hawk:AI, Wolfgang helps the fight against financial crime by using his expertise to guide the development team and shape the product into the ultimate anti-money laundering software solution.